RevStars is a group for our youngest family members, our 0 - 4-year-olds until they go to school.  It provides the support necessary for families who bring babies and toddlers into LWC on a Sunday morning.  It is a safe & fun environment so that their earliest experiences of Church will be positive ones.
We understand that young children like the security of having someone around, so if necessary you are more than welcome to stay with them, we have the service on via a monitor,  so if necessary you can enjoy the service whilst your little one plays happily.  However, our volunteers are all DBS checked, so if you wish to go back into the service you can, we have an alert system so as soon as they need you a message will play on the screen calling you.  

During the morning we have either an activity or a craft, lots of toys and puzzles and we provide juice and toast for them part way through the morning too.  If they have special diets or if you'd rather they didn't please let us know.

If you are new to LWC we ask that you come up with them for the first time to register them and to meet the group leader. For more information, contact the Group Leader.